Express Entry is Canada’s new immigration system, which came into effect on January 1, 2015. 3dflags_can0001-0003a

Express Entry program aims to accelerate the immigration process for skilled workers and to provide work places for them. 

Canada is the second largest country in the world by territory, while the population of our country is only 35 million people. Canada needs new people, who want to work or open their own businesses and provide more work places to others in Canada. Thus, in 2015 the Canadian government plans to admit from 260 to 285 thousand new immigrants.
The benefits of the program include: express entry
• No need to have a job offer to be selected
• Facilitated application process
• Express Entry selected candidates will benefit from processing times of 6 months or less
• High demand for internationally trained skilled workers

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced new requirements for the new Express Entry Program:

1) There are going to be no restrictions on the type of occupation or age
2) Requirements for experience in the field of education – at least 1 year of the past 10 years express entry
3) Post-secondary college (diploma) or university (degree) education is required
4) An important moment for all candidates is the level of English and/or French language knowledge
5) Once you are selected as a successful candidate the immigration process takes approximately 6 months.

We are ready to help you prepare a complete package of documents for submission to the database of Canadian immigration services, track changes in the requirements for immigration and adjust your data accordingly throughout the entire period of the program.
The price for this service is $750 USD. Our professional team will provide you with detailed guidance and expert advice in order to increase your chances of being selected as a successful candidate. express entry

The cost of our service in organizing the process of International Education Evaluation, which is required for this program, is $750 USD.

Once you have been selected as a successful candidate you will have only 60 days to prepare a full immigration package. We are ready to do it for you. Our fees for this service for the entire family will not exceed $2,250 USD.

Usually, our work with a client begins with a general assessment, which we conduct to analyze all the possible ways to come to Canada. If you have not completed an assessment yet, you may download the form here: Immigration Assessment

If you have already received recommendations from our immigration consultants, you may send us a copy of the first page of your passport for agreement preparation: express entry