permanent resident

Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident

– Express Entry remains the cheapest way to get permanent resident status & immigrate to Canada

Updated – December 25, 2019

Despite the fact that the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points of the Express Entry System are at the lowest level now, many Canadian provinces offer additional support to international applicants in order to be selected for Canadian Immigration.

After being selected by the Express Entry System, it takes 6-8 months for applicants to receive Canadian Immigrant visas. After new immigrants arrive in Canada, they become Permanent Residents and become eligible for social, medical and unemployment benefits provided by the Canadian Government.

For those candidates with no post-secondary education and work experience, the best way to become Canadian Residents is through a program that involves an Academic Education and Works in Canada. If a candidate has a family, Canada provides free schooling for children and a Work Permit for a spouse.

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